Philosophy & Achitecture

A project that embodies the unique lifestyle that can only be experienced in Costa Rica.

Architectural Concept

The Architectural Concept established for Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is a Tropical Contemporary Style, based on bioclimatic principles and sustainable development, which goal is to meet our needs and aspirations while ensuring we leave our world healthy enough so the future generations can meet theirs.

Tropical Contemporary Architecture brings a modern perspective of comfort according to the spirit of our time, allowing ourselves to live and enjoy the present. It takes advantage of technology and traditional resources to encourage an authentic tropical living style.

Render courtesy of: Josep Serra i Bassols


Housing choices influence our health and well- being in the short or long term. Proper design, construction, and material selection will lead to superior quality and durability that will provide a comfortable living environment.

Integration with natural landscape is made through shape, soft natural earthy colors and volume. Natural light and crossed ventilation, tall ceilings, terraces, front porches, balconies, interior and exterior courtyards, become architectural elements that blur the distinctions between outdoors and indoors.


The design of condos is driven by the need of taking advantage of small superb ocean view sites. The buildings will never exceed three storey high and will be surrounded by nature.


In general, our project will offer shaded pathways and gardens along its roads. The Ocean Club and the Beach Club will be an ideal locations to rediscover tranquility and calm, be in touch with authentic guanacastecan nature, meet interesting people and enjoy the local community.

Besides, there will be a 12 hectare park, devoted to family recreation for all ages, environmental education and preservation of Tropical dry forest. The Discovery Park and the commercial plaza on the main road will be open to the greater community, generating cultural and social activities.